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-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ♥ -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

I'm no good but i hope you like my gallery n////n

Thanks for visit it and for the :+fav: :la: :hug:

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ♥ -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-


-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- ♥ -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Great people with greatest art :D :la:


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So this is a tag game (?)

Ma dear :iconharu-mon: tag me in this...thing, so here are my questions!!!
After that, please read the important section bellow, merci~~~

Da rules!!!

  • You must post these rules.
  • Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions to the ones you tag. The people you tag will have to answer those questions. 
  • NO "you are tagged if you read this."
  • Make the meme in a JOURNAL! NOT a comment or similar!

Ma feels~~

1. From where did you get the inspiration to draw?

Everywhere. All the things that are around told me stories, moments, flash   moments tha i could use to make drawings or short novels or fairy tails.

2. What do you want to be? 

I wanna be me. So simple and practical. Obviously i want a good job or title like web designer, concept artist or novelist; but i think that being me is just enough to make me proud and happy. It's important not forget who we are and what we want; and having this things so clear, the others one will come easy and faster.

3. PS4, XBOX ONE o WiiU?

PC. I don't have a game console ; n; )9 but i have a steam account :D!! (if you want ma user account, just tell me :B )

4. Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop?


5. Why? 

Not just for drawing and painting, for everything. In my job i have to use ps for making designs or for fix things; so as an artist and designer i choose Photoshop <3

6. What is the thing you hate drawing?

HANDS!!!!!! OAO)9 and boys ~~~~ backgrounds.......animals.... afsdafsdafds i'm so bad drawing D:!!! so disappointed u.u

7. What kind of person you are?

Just a simple person in a simple world full of complicated people and yaoi.

8. Favorite food.

PASTA!!!!! \oOo/!!! i really love italian food! and could buy my love if you give me sushi <3 (that's not going to happen... sorry O nO )

9. How's your battlestation? 

I'm in my bed..... soft soft bed <3 ammmm my bedroom is fully with pourses, books, hats and coats <3 <3 <3 is small  and have a desk (that i couldn't use D: ), a table/boudoir/bookcase/stock/TV cabinet/etcetcetc, a really bookcase, a rack and other stuff...... lalalalala

10. Cat or dogs?

Ponys!!!!!! :3

So, it's supossed that i have to write other ten questions.... 
so here's mine:

1. Why you draw/write?
2. What kind of music do you like?
3. Describe one of your most embarrasing moments (-3-)
4. Do you like ponys? (i'm so bad making questions D:!!!! don't judge me T.T )
5. When is your prefer moment to drawing/write or whatever you do?
6. Why?
7. In any moment of your life, you met someone that made a huge change in your life?
8. What kind of art you use/make? (surrealist, realist, anime, other ... )
9. Traditional or digital?
10. What is your real name and how old are you? (yep, 2 x 1 question :B!! )

Important stuff!!!!

I'm just so retired from the DA..... i know you miss me (???), lalala well what i want to say is this:

I'm going, as a gift for you, give one drawing for everyone that want one. If you want one sample of my tiny art just tell me and, in any moment of ma life.... i'll make it. I hope you like it and participate.

So, that's all. Hope you be happy....oh of course, i have to tag people to make the game hahahahaha.... here are ma victims:

:iconpaty-longbottom21: :iconvalquiem: :iconsonicelerizo: :iconfrypenn4850: :iconetheralblade: :iconalexrigardo: :iconrisuhunter:
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  • Reading: El banquete - Platón
  • Watching: How i met your mother
  • Playing: L4D2 OuO
  • Eating: nothing~~~~~ ; n;
  • Drinking: ice tea


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